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Electrical Engineering Services

  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting Design
  • Signal and Voice / Data Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Nurse Call & Special Systems
  • Standby and Emergency Power Systems
  • Evaluations of Electrical Systems
  • Historic Structure Reports

Technical Expertise

Lighting Design

Through the use of 3-D Computer Modeling software, we are able to provide complete interior and exterior lighting design services. Our staff is able to model all types of interior spaces, from simple office spaces to complex Auditorium spaces.

Emergency Lighting Design

Through the use of 3-D Computer Modeling software, we are able to provide lighting design for the emergency egress lighting systems necessary for compliance with all applicable Codes, including both interior and exterior emergency lighting. Services include preparation of point-by-point emergency lighting photometry for submission to State and local building officials to demonstrate conformance with all Code requirements.


Lighting Design Renderings

Using the same 3-D Computer Modeling software that we use for all of our point-by-point calculations, we are also able to offer our clients with renderings of the project area to provide the Architect and Owner with an image of proposed lighting design.

Short-Circuit and Time Current Coordination Studies

Through the use of Computer Modeling Software, we are able to provide Short-Circuit and Time Current Coordination Studies, as well as Arc Flash Hazard analysis for all sizes and types of facilities; from small office buildings to large Health Care and Industrial Facilities.

Standby and Emergency Power Systems Design

Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of Standby and Emergency Systems in Health Care Facilities, Office Buildings, Senior and Assisted Living Facilities and other occupancies with a need for standby or emergency power systems.

Design services include the determination of loads to be served from the Standby and Emergency Power System and the required sub-dividing of loads on multiple transfer switches in order to meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code (N.E.C.) as well as to reduce the startup demands on the generator.

Generator sizing is performed using computer modeling software to determine the generator and alternator size necessary to serve the proposed loads required to be on standby or emergency power in the facility.

For existing facilities, the services will include an extensive survey of the existing facilities power distribution system and the existing loads to be placed on the generator, as well as locations for the placement of transfer and distribution equipment as well as the exterior pad mounted generator.

All designs include a review of the local City or Townships noise ordinances to determine if additional sound attenuating enclosures are necessary for the proposed generator in order to meet the local ordinances.


Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Design

Our staff has considerable knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems in Computer Data Centers, Health Care Facilities, Office Buildings and other occupancies with a need for clean, reliable power.


Fire Alarm and Emergency Voice Communication Systems

Our staff is uniquely experienced in the design of both small and large networked fire alarm and emergency voice communication systems for Health Care Facilities, Schools, Retail, Religious and Commercial Buildings. Our experience includes the design of the fire alarm system master plan and system upgrades at both the Royal Oak and Troy Campus of William Beaumont Hospital; as well as fire alarm system replacement projects in schools and commercial buildings. We are a member of the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.), and stay current on all applicable building Codes relating to the design and installation of fire alarm and emergency voice communication systems.


LEED / Green Building and Sustainable Design Services

We are committed to implementing sustainable design practices, where the budget allows and where there is a payback to the Owner of 2 years or less, for all projects that we are involved with, regardless of whether or not the project is pursuing LEED Certification.

It is our firms philosophy and deep commitment that the old practices of design must be changed and refined to meet the needs of the current era, and to that end consider sustainable building practices and energy efficiency in all of our design work, while still keeping in mind the need to design within the constraints of the project budget.

One of the major areas of energy use from the electrical systems that we have control over is in the lighting system design. It is for this reason that we model all of our lighting designs in a 3-D computer model to determine the exact point-by-point illumination in each space, and adjust the design to provide the necessary illumination for the task to be performed in the space while at the same time using the most energy efficient fixtures available.

For those projects that are seeking LEED Certification, we are able to provide all aspects of the electrical systems design necessary through our staff of engineers and LEED Accredited Professional.


Contractor Services

  • Design Services
  • Code Consultation
  • Point-by-Point Emergency Lighting Design
  • As-Built / Record Drawings
  • Value Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services

All phases of Mechanical Engineering Services can be provided together with electrical engineering services under one engineering services contract. Mechanical services are offered through association with preselected firms or through association with a firm of your choice.